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What to Expect from Child and Teen Therapy in Harrisonburg, VA

child therpay and teen therapy in Harrisonburg VA
Find a child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA today.

 I understand that your child or teen is one of your most important relationships. They are your heartbeat. You are deeply concerned about them and know that they need professional counseling for the issues they are facing. You want to ensure they receive the help that they need. After looking around, and asking friends you think you have found a child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA that you hope will be a good fit.  Now you have a few questions as to what is next and what that first session will look like

I am here to help. My name is Melissa Deaton Cook LPC. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I provide child and teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA. Spiral Roots is a safe place to learn and grow. It is a place where together we can invite curiosity and creativity to help us with the questions and the struggles we have in life.

What to Expect from Your First Consultation With a Teen Therapist in Harrisonburg, VA. 

teen counseling by a child and teen therapist
Child and Teen therapy at Spiral Roots LLC in Harrisonburg, VA

The first consultation call with a child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA is an important step to see if the therapist and your child or teen are a good fit.  The therapist will ask some demographic questions such as age and gender. They will want to know what the presenting problem is and what your specific concerns and fears are. There are many things that you will want to ask during the consultations. Things to inquire about are their fees, the time structure of the sessions, how they work, and what their specialties are.  Some therapists may be open to speaking with your teen or child during a consultation. I have had a parent set up a time for their teen to call and consult with me once the parent was satisfied with their conversation. For some teens, this type of agency and empowerment can be helpful.

What to Expect in the First Session With a Child or Teen Therapist in Harrisonburg, VA.

Although therapists work differently, all teen counselors have an intake process that is completed with the client during the first session.  This may be a list of questions, a conversation, or an activity. The first session is where paperwork is reviewed and signed.  Basic paperwork includes limits to confidentiality, fees and billing, consent to treatment, and authorization for the release of information. Many therapists now request that you fill out forms ahead of time through an Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform. The first session is like a meet and greet where the intake process occurs and where you start to get to know each other. Remember relationships are the key ingredient to successful therapy. This begins in the first session but takes time to develop and grow like all relationships. This is especially important to understand when asking your teen to engage in teen therapy.

Teen counseling, child therapy, teen therapy, Teen therapist in Harrisonburg VA
Spiral Roots LLC in Harrisonburg, VA provides child and teen therapy!

At Spiral Roots LLC the first session starts with reviewing a little bit of what therapy is and is not, and the completion of intake paperwork. I invite both the client and their legal caregiver to be present. We will talk a little about concerns and what is needed from the perspective of all involved. Although teen therapy is viewed as confidential, I still promote open dialogue with the caregiver.


Spiral Roots uses Electronic Intake Forms which you are invited to fill out before the first appointment. During the first appointment, we will review a simplified form that gives an overview of the policy and forms that were filled out online. I do this should you have any questions as well as to provide your young person with an understanding of therapy, consent, and confidentiality policies. Once we finalize the forms, I will let your young person decide if they would like you to remain for the rest of the session or not. The remainder of the session will be a mix of information gathering and relationship building. At Spiral Roots don’t be surprised if the first session involves playing a little UNO!

How Long Does Someone Work With a Teen Therapist in Harrisonburg, VA?

The length of therapy depends on many things. It depends on the purpose of counseling, the presenting problem, and the personality and work of the client.  For children and teens, especially where trauma is concerned a healthy relationship needs to be built. For child or teen therapy to be successful the young person must feel safe and trust the therapist. This can take time. In child and teen therapy, relationships are often built through play, expressive arts, sand trays, and games. Play is the first language of childhood. The cognitive part of the brain (cortex) is the last to develop in human growth. This does not occur until the late 20’s  to early 30’s! This is why your teen genuinely does not have an answer at times! Also, when a child or teen has trauma the portion of the cortex that is working shuts off under stress. All of this affects the progress of child and teen therapy.

 So, the length of therapy depends on many factors. What we do know is that therapy can be more effective when attended weekly, especially in the beginning. This is especially important for child and teen therapy. As improvements and goals are achieved sessions may become bi-weekly and then begin to gradually slow down toward completion of services.   Therapy is a choice; the family and client are always empowered to talk with the therapist about the duration of therapy and any questions they may have. The client or the therapist may end the therapeutic contract at any time.

teen counseling, child therapy, teen therapy in Harrisonburg VA
Melissa is a child and teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA

Melissa Deaton Cook LPC is a child and teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA at Spiral Roots LLC. I provide teen therapy.

 Your child and teen are important. You can feel their pain and want to help. You know they need counseling but that they need the right person. I hope this helps you when choosing a child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA. Melissa Deaton Cook LPC at Spiral Roots has openings currently available.

Call Melissa today at 540-416-1628 for child or teen therapy in Harrisonburg, Va.

At Spiral Roots LLC, Melissa Deaton Cook LPC specializes in child and teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA. If you are looking for a child or teen counselor, call 540-416-1628 or email today for a free consultation. Openings are currently available. Can provide teen therapy in Spanish. Learn more and follow Melissa.   @spiral roots counseling

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