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Questions to Ask a Child or Teen Therapist in Harrisonburg, VA.

The Shenandoah Valley has many great psychologists, counselors, and therapists. But how do you know which one is a good fit for your child or teen? What should you ask when consulting with them and deciding? How can you best determine who can provide good child or teen therapy?

Questions to ask when looking for child or teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA.

Your child or teen’s welfare is the most important thing to you.  You want them to feel supported, feel safe, and thrive. Finding the right therapist is more than just a waitlist and a check box. For best results, your child or teen needs a good relationship with the therapist they work with. Following are some questions to help get you started when consulting with a child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA.

Seven things to ask when looking for child or teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA.

·       When you call to consult with a

prospective therapist speak not only to what your child or teen is struggling with but also to what their strengths and interests are. This can help you and the therapist determine if they will be a good fit.


·       Ask how the therapist works with children and teens. Do they do play

therapy, sand play, or expressive arts, in conjunction with typical cognitive therapy? Do they have any specializations?


·       Ask about how the therapist engages with the parent or family system. Is this in alignment with your expectations?


·       Let the therapist know if your child has been in therapy previously. If so, what was that experience like?


·       If there are special circumstances such as custody battles, adjudication issues, social service involvement, or extensive hospitalizations discuss this with the therapist up front to make sure that they are able and willing to walk this path with you. If you have a special circumstance would there, be additional fees for court appearances or letters of reference to lawyers, probation officers, or social services?


·       Where finances are concerned, you will want to know if services are fee-for-service (private pay), if they accept your insurance, or if they do not accept insurance will they provide a super bill for you to turn into your insurance if applicable.


·       Lastly, if your teen is hesitant to attend therapy, ask the therapist if they would take a few moments to speak with your teen on the phone. For some adolescents this is a big help, for others, it does not matter. You are the expert on what will work best for your teen.

Call Melissa today at 540-416-1628 for child or teen therapy in Harrisonburg, Va.

Your young one is your heartbeat. You deserve to know that they will be well supported and guided by whoever works with them. Both your concerns and their pain are real. They deserve to be seen, heard, and believed in.  Not all therapists work the same. I believe it takes special skills to work with children and teens. Finding the right therapist for your child or teen will increase a positive outcome and help them grow and flourish. You and your family warrant a child or teen therapist who can best support your child or teen during this difficult time. I hope this helps you find the right therapist in Harrisonburg, VA, and the Shenandoah Valley.


At Spiral Roots LLC, Melissa Deaton Cook specializes in child and teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA.

If you are looking for a child or teen counselor, call 540-416-1628 or email today for a free consultation. Openings are currently available. All services are available in Spanish. Learn more and follow Melissa.   @spiral roots counseling

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