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Finding A Counselor - Finding a Child Therapist or Teen Therapist in Harrisonburg, VA Today.

Your child and teen's mental health is important to you.  I keep hearing from colleges that their caseloads for working specifically with children and teens in the Harrisonburg area are full. Parents tell me that when they call for services in the Shenandoah Valley for child or teen counseling, they are repeatedly informed that the wait list is over a month, sometimes longer. I have had clients who told me that they have been searching for a therapist for over 6 months for their teen. If you are looking for someone who specializes in child therapy or teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA; Spiral Roots LLC is currently accepting new clients. Call Melissa Deaton Cook at 540-416-1628

I want to help you find a child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA.

Finding the right therapist is key. This is even more important when looking for a counselor for a child, tween, or teen.

Here are some tips for what to look for in a child or teen therapist:

*Someone who is licensed in the state you are in. Look for an LPC (Licensed professional counselor), LCSW (licensed clinical social worker), or LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist).

*Someone who specializes in working with children and teens. They may provide play therapy, sand trays, or expressive art therapies. These modalities are typically more interactive and do not rely solely on talking in therapy.

*Someone willing to speak with or meet with the parent as needed. You as the parent are important and I believe integral in the healing and life of your young person.

*It can be helpful to select a few candidates. Look at their website together and then allow your child or teen to choose who they think might be a good fit.

A free consultation with a child and teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA. 

You know that your child or teen need emotional or behavioral support outside of the home. Good therapy starts with a good relationship. Meeting once a week with the right person can make all the difference in your child or teen's life and mental health. The right therapist is important. I offer free consultation on the phone and I am willing to chat with your teen as well if you would like before you make your decision.

I hope this helps you find the right child or teen therapist in Harrisonburg, VA.


My name is Melissa Deaton Cook, I specialize in child and teen therapy. I have been working with children, teens, and families for years. Along with talk therapy (cognitive therapy), I use experiential, expressive arts, sand tray, play therapy, and other modalities in my work. I have incorporated music, movement, nature, and creativity both in my personal life and in my professional career for years. If I sound like a possible fit for your child, teen, or family give me a call today. 540-416-1628. email: 

Melissa Deaton Cook LPC - Child and Teen Therapist in Harrisonburg, VA

Call Melissa Deaton Cook – Spiral Roots LLC for child therapy or teen therapy today in Harrisonburg, VA! Call 540-416-1628

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