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Ping Ho

    *Beat the Odds®

Simon Faulkner

    *Rhythm to Recovery

Arthur Hull Village Music Circles ™

    *Week-Long Intensive Drum Circle Facilitation Training

    *Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop with

    *Three day Drum Circle Facilitator training

Jim Donovan's:

    *Drum Circle Leadership Level II

    *Drumming Facilitator & Teacher Trainings - designed to empower you to create your own transformational rhythm and drumming based events.

    *Sound Empowerment Training

    *Drum Circle Leadership Training

Dave Holland and Jonathan Murray

    *Rhythm Planet Workshop 30 hrs of intensive coursework in global culture, instrument techniques and world rhythms with

Dave Holland

Music and Games Workshops

Health Rhythms:

  *Group empowerment Drumming facilitator training, ( 15 hrs) by Barry Bittman, MD through REMO ~ Princeton, NJ

   *Health Rhythms Adolescent Protocol facilitator training (12 hrs) endorsed by Barry Bittman MD through REMO ~ Erie, PA

Spiral Roots Rhythms

Drumming & Music making events

Drum Circle Facilitator

I have always loved music and rhythm.

I was introduced to the world of Marching Band

my senior year of high school

where I discovered t

he wonderful world of

drums, percussion, and dance!


Years later

I discovered the

more accessible

power and fun of the djembe.

A DJEMBE is an
African hand drum
made of wood and goat skin.
It has become popular
as a tool for fun and healing.

Drumming and music making

can be simply for fun,

for community/team building,

or incorporated as a therapeutic tool. 

I offer recreational

and special focus drum circles

and community music making

events and groups.

Available for special groups or events


I am a trained Drum Circle Facilitator.

I use hand drums,
percussion, sound, and movement
to empower and facilitate; personal growth, expression, confidence, fun,
and community.

 Drum Circle Facilitator Training's & Certificates

Teen therapy in Harrisonburg VA. Child therapy in Harrisonburg VA







to Grow

Safe Place

Call me today!

540 - 416 - 1628

Llámame hoy!

Melissa Deaton Cook LPC providing teen therapy and child therapy in Harrisonburg VA

I Provide Teen Therapy in
Harrisonburg, VA


I Provide Child Therapy in
Harrisonburg, VA


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