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I specialize in Teen Therapy & Child Therapy,
in Harrisonburg VA.

Melissa Deaton Cook LPC providing teen therapy in Harrisonburg VA.
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Melissa Deaton Cook LPC. NCC. ACS

Bilingual teen therapy in Harrisonburg, VA

You know that your teen or child is struggling. You can see it in their behaviors, hear it in their voice, feel it in their attitude. Some of your concerns for your child may have been brought to your attention by others. They may be having issues or behavior problems at school or in the community. There may be legal issues that are out of your control.

Teen Therapy Can help. Melissa Deaton Cook is a licensed professional counselor who can provide support and assistance.

You may or may not know the cause of the anger or pain in your child or teen. You do know that they need help. You are not sure what to do. They are in a crisis or at a tipping point. The weight of the situation is heavy on you. You feel like everything you have tried to do to help has failed or maybe falls on deaf ears. They will not respond openly to your advice or words of wisdom. You are not even sure if they will talk to someone. Maybe in the past they blew off other therapists, much to your dismay. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones whose teen is asking for help but is still unsure what that means or looks like. Wherever you are in this journey, I understand. I can help you and your family. I have years of experience. Call me today.

Melissa Deaton Cook, LPC provides teen therapy in Harrisonburg VA.


I Provide Child Therapy, Tween Therapy, & Teen Therapy In Harrisonburg, VA

It is hard to be a teen. Everyone expects so much of you. They expect you to have answers you don’t understand the questions to. They think you don’t care - but you do. You are anxious, worried, angry, sometimes desperate inside.You just don’t want to talk about it. Feelings and words can be so exhausting!

Challenge Yourself

You are Good Enough

You are Strong & Beautiful

Express Yourself


Your mind goes blank when adults ask you what you think or why you do the things you do. You just freeze. You worry about a lot of things so much that it makes you feel like there is no point. There is anger down there boiling up the more you are pressed to talk or told to do something. You are accused of having attitude. Maybe you do. We all do at times. Sometimes it may feel like no one understands!

How Can

What do you need?
What do you want?

Express Yourself

You are Strong & Beautiful

Challenge Yourself

You are Good Enough

What if you could find a place where you could just be you? Where all your parts could be accepted and explored at your pace. A place where it is safe to be you. A place where you can be heard and understood. Where someone, without judgment can listen and give you guidance. A place where you are accepted for who you are whether you like sports or art or gaming or … you fill in the blank.  

I am Melissa.  I am a teen therapist in Harrisonburg VA

I can help you. 540-416-1628

Teen Therapy in Harrisonburg, VA

I am ready to help you through the challenges of life and celebrate in the successes of growth!

Teen Therapy in Harrisonburg, VA.
Call today! Openings Available


 Teen therapy and child therapy  in Harrisonburg VA







to Grow

Safe Place

Melissa Deaton Cook LPC providing teen therapy in Harrisonburg VA. Providing child therapy in Harrisonburg VA. Bilingual

Call me today!
540 - 416 -1628
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I Provide Teen Therapy in
Harrisonburg, VA


I Provide Child Therapy in
Harrisonburg, VA


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